VisuallyHidden hides its children visually, while keeping content visible to screen readers.

installyarn add @react-aria/visually-hidden
usageimport {VisuallyHidden} from '@react-aria/visually-hidden'


VisuallyHidden is a utility component that can be used to hide its children visually, while keeping them visible to screen readers and other assistive technology. This would typically be used when you want to take advantage of the behavior and semantics of a native element like a checkbox or radio button, but replace it with a custom styled element visually.


childrenReactNodeThe content to visually hide.
elementTypestringJSXElementConstructor<any>'div'The element type for the container.
isFocusablebooleanWhether the element should become visible on focus, for example skip links.


See useRadioGroup and useCheckbox for examples of using VisuallyHidden to hide native form elements visually.


In order to allow additional rendering flexibility, the useVisuallyHidden hook can be used in custom components instead of the VisuallyHidden component. It supports the same options as the component, and returns props to spread onto the element that should be hidden.

useVisuallyHidden( (props: VisuallyHiddenProps )): VisuallyHiddenAria
let {visuallyHiddenProps} = useVisuallyHidden();

<div {...visuallyHiddenProps}>I am hidden</div>
let {visuallyHiddenProps} = useVisuallyHidden();

<div {...visuallyHiddenProps}>I am hidden</div>
let {
} = useVisuallyHidden();

  I am hidden